Microsoft’s IE 10 browser reimagined for Windows 7

Infotech Lead America: In an attempt to re-establish IE as the preferred browser to surf the internet, Microsoft is escalating its efforts to bring the latest version of Internet Explorer to more than 700 million personal computers.

Microsoft is confident that Internet Explorer 10 will still have widespread appeal because it loads websites 20 percent faster than its predecessor, said Ryan Gavin, Microsoft’s general manager for the browser. Internet Explorer 10 is mainly designed for tablet computers and other devices that are touch sensitive, including a new breed of PCs.

The latest release of Internet Explorer 10 is aimed at PCs running on Windows 7, which is the most used version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system for PCs. All Windows 7 computers set up to get updates will receive the final version of Internet Explorer 10.

The IE 10 is built to take advantage of the full power of Windows 8 and Windows RT,Internet Explorer 10 brings a fluid responsiveness to the web that allows you to swipe, tap, or click your way to everything you want to do on the internet. Navigation controls appear only when required and slide out of the way when they are not needed. Internet Explorer has tiles and tabs for frequently visited sites are oversized for easy tapping.

Internet Explorer 10 features three ways to store and organize your favorites, you could ‘pin’ your favourite sites to the Start screen for instant access and notifications, ‘add sites to favorites’ or ‘get the app’ from sites that have apps.

IE 10 makes browsing more secure with the industry-leadingSmartScreen technology that helps protect against socially-engineered malware. It has built in privacy tools like Do Not Track which can be turned on in one click.

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