Microsoft will not enforce non-compete clauses in US employee agreements

Software major Microsoft said it would stop enforcing existing non-compete clauses for employees in the United States.
The Redmond, Washington-based software firm said changes to the enforcement of non-compete clauses would not apply to the company’s most senior leadership. Microsoft competes with Cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, among others.

Microsoft added the civil rights audit of its workforce policies and practices would be conducted by a third party and a report would be published.

The software firm aims to have salary ranges in all of the company’s internal and external job postings across the U.S. by at least January 2023. It would no longer include confidentiality language in its U.S. settlement and separation agreements that prohibit workers from disclosing conduct they perceive as illegal.

Microsoft last week said it would not resist unionization efforts from its employees in a sign of growing receptiveness in the tech sector that has been for long unconcerned about organized labor.

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