Microsoft ups software market share in H1, Oracle, IBM, Symantec slip: IDC

IDC has released software vendor market share for the first half of 2013. While Microsoft increased its software market share, Oracle, IBM, Symantec slipped. SAP had a flat market share growth.

Software giant Microsoft increased software market share to 18.4 percent in the first half of 2013 from 17.3 percent in the same period last year.

Oracle software market share decreased to 8.6 percent from 8.9 percent.

IBM software market share dipped to 7.6 percent from 8 percent.

SAP software market share was flat at 4.5 percent.

Symantec software market share declined to 1.8 percent from 1.9 percent.

IDC says the worldwide software market grew 5.5 percent to $179 billion.

Enterprises are seeing new opportunities to drive new and improved products and services by leveraging information.

Top 5 Worldwide Software Vendors, First Half of 2013 Revenues and Market Share
(revenues in US$M)
Vendor 1H13
1H13 Market
1H12 Market
Year Growth
Microsoft $32,990 18.4% $29,398 17.3% 12.2%
Oracle $15,442 8.6% $15,076 8.9% 2.4%
IBM $13,582 7.6% $13,632 8.0% -0.4%
SAP $8,101 4.5% $7,570 4.5% 7.0%
Symantec $3,234 1.8% $3,148 1.9% 2.7%
Others $105,867 59.1% $101,103 59.5% 4.7%
Total $179,216 100.0% $169,927 100.0% 5.5%
Source: IDC Worldwide Semiannual Software Tracker, October 2013


All three primary segments– Applications; Application Development & Deployment (AD&D); and Systems Infrastructure Software – grew between 5 percent and 6 percent.

Applications primary market rose 5.8 percent because of the strong gains in the Content and Collaborative Applications markets.

Within the Collaboration market, Enterprise Social Networks solutions grew 28.3 percent and now represent almost 13 percent of the total Collaborative Applications market.

CRM solutions seem to have reached some stability.

Microsoft has improved its leadership in the Applications primary market by gaining one point of market share up to 14.9 percent.

Microsoft’s strongest Applications secondary markets are Content and Collaborative Applications. SAP, Oracle, IBM, and Intuit complete the Top 5 vendors for the Applications primary market, with Intuit gaining 0.6 points of share in this market.

In the Applications Development & Deployment (AD&D) primary market segment, which comprised 23.4 percent of total software revenue, growth was 5.1 percent.

Within this market segment, Integration and Process Automation Middleware and Structured Data Management rose above 6 percent.

microsoft software market share in H1

Big data and analytics are also closely tied to the fast growth of social business software markets on the Applications side.

Oracle led the AD&D primary market in 1H13 with 23.1 percent of market share followed by IBM, Microsoft, SAP, and SAS. Microsoft and SAP experienced the highest growth rates due to the demand for their RDBMS solutions.

In the System Infrastructure Software primary market segment, which comprised 23.4 percent of total software revenue and grew 5.1 percent year over year in 1H13, the System Software secondary segment grew more than 8 percent driven by the launching of Windows 8 and Cloud enablement solutions adoption from vendors like Vmware and Citrix.

Microsoft has improved its leadership in the System Infrastructure Software overall with 30.1 percent of market share, gaining more than 1.5 points and followed by IBM, Symantec, EMC, and VMware.

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