How Microsoft technology transforming enterprises in India

Microsoft at an event in 2016Software major Microsoft India today shared details of how technology is transforming its enterprise clients in the country.

Amway India

Amway India, a direct selling company, has launched an Experience Store in Bengaluru – leveraging multiple new-age technologies such as Augmented Reality, Gamification, Virtual Makeover Solution, Interactive Table Application and Virtual Cart to give immersive experience to the user.

Microsoft has supported Amway India to design the store to transform the consumer and distributor experience. Microsoft analyzed each stage of the distributor/consumer buying pattern to work out a solution which can potentially transform the customer experience for every transaction.


CarIQ, a Pune-based hardware startup, is using Microsoft cloud to enable analytics and scalability to process data and offer an exciting product to car owners. The device collects data directly from the car, uses big data analytics to understand this data, and recommend action steps to the car owner to help drive safer and maintain his car.

Sri Chaitanya Schools

Sri Chaitanya Schools have personalized their learning using Microsoft Edu-Cloud, while maintaining superior quality education across 300 schools. Using Microsoft Edu-Cloud, the teachers are able to provide better teaching experience and students are getting much more stimulating learning environment.


NIIT has selected Microsoft Azure for its insurance product, delivering flexibility to manage different product lifecycles, speed of launching new products, and integration. NIIT’s Advantage Suite powered by Microsoft Azure frees insurance customers from on premise constraints.

Fortis Healthcare 

Fortis Healthcare is using Microsoft cloud for creating value for their organization and offering a better experience for their patients. It is using technology for accurate diagnosis and the best possible clinical care. The Azure platform ensures that customers have a consistent experience across Fortis hospitals.

SBI Life 

SBI Life is using a mobile-based tool (Vymo) that runs on Microsoft Azure. Using Vymo, SBI Life has empowered its sales force by enabling real time visibility of all activities, collaboration across teams to achieve sustainable sales goals, and greater security for data.


Annik, a global data and analytics solutions company, uses Microsoft CRM to gather insights into its business, and proactively anticipate customer needs. Microsoft CRM provided Annik with the ability to gather insights into its business, and proactively anticipate customer needs, increasing the company’s ability to optimize its sales pipeline, and ensure better customer satisfaction.

Microsoft did not share the tangible benefits to its enterprise clients after making investment for their digital transformation.