Microsoft red faced after Chinese ban on Windows 8

China has banned government use of Windows 8, Microsoft Corp’s latest operating system to ensure computer security after Microsoft ended support for its Windows XP operating system.

This will be a big blow to the U.S. technology company that has long struggled with sales in the country.

The Central Government Procurement Center issued the ban on installing Windows 8 on Chinese government computers as part of a notice on the use of energy-saving products, posted on its website last week, Reuters reported.

The official Xinhua news agency said the ban was to ensure computer security after Microsoft ended support for its Windows XP operating system, which was widely used in China.

“Microsoft has been working proactively with the Central Government Procurement Center and other government agencies through the evaluation process to ensure that our products and services meet all government procurement requirements,” said the company said in a statement

Microsoft said it will continue to provide Windows 7 to government customers. At the same time it is working on the Window 8 evaluation with relevant government agencies.

windows 8.1

Former CEO Steve Ballmer told employees in 2011 that, because of piracy, Microsoft earned less revenue in China than in the Netherlands even though computer sales matched those of the United States.

Last month, Microsoft ended support for the 13-year-old Windows XP to encourage the adoption of newer, more secure versions of Windows. This has potentially left XP users vulnerable to viruses and hacking.

China’s decision to ban Windows 8 from public procurement hampers Microsoft’s push of the OS to replace XP, which makes up 50 percent of China’s desktop market, according to Canalys.

Meanwhile, Microsoft said it would maintain efforts to gain approval in China for its Windows 8 operating system.

InfotechLead News Team