Microsoft Office 365 powers Kadri Wovens to achieve 30% revenue increase

Microsoft India on Monday said Kadri Wovens has achieved 30 percent increase in revenues from its US-based retail customers by deploying Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite.

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Kadri Wovens, a manufacturer of bed-and-bath linen, achieved this significant growth by improving its collaboration with customers, suppliers, and partners. The company benefited from real-time conversations, document sharing and video conferencing using messaging solution Lync.

This apart, enhanced security of documents carrying sensitive IP regarding upcoming designs and specifications has also contributed to higher customer satisfaction, leading to higher volumes of business.

Thanks to Lync, which enables collaboration across the supply chain, Kadri Wovens can now take products and designs faster to market and respond to customers’ needs.

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The company is encouraging the use of the browser-based collaboration platform, SharePoint to facilitate team collaboration including centralized file sharing, document management, whiteboard tools, and discussions.  Microsoft said Office 365 is assisting the company to meet compliance needs, as required by overseas customers with secure IP.

“Kadri Wovens has proven that businesses which collaborate closely with customers and suppliers are able to drive higher satisfaction and revenues. Encryption technology and intelligent policies in Office 365 are helping Kadri Wovens secure their IP as well,” said Alok Lall, director, Microsoft Office Division, Microsoft India.

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