Microsoft Office 365 powers education institutes to improve learning

Infotech Lead India: Microsoft Office 365 is powering some of the European education institutes to improve learning experience of students and teaching of staff.

European education institutions that use cloud computing to change the way students learn and staff teach include: School Center Skofja Loka (Slovenia), EDUCATIVA (Romania), TEI Kalamata (Greece), Kozminski University (Poland), University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business (Slovenia), and Vaikystes Sodas (Lithuania).

“Technology is a powerful engine of economic growth and competitiveness, enabling innovation that creates new companies, industries, opportunities and jobs around the world,” said Don Grantham, president for the CEE region at Microsoft.

Recently, Microsoft announced a new campaign offering college students the ability to try Office 365 University for free for up to six months.

Microsoft has shared some of the benefits derived by these education institutes that used Microsoft Office 365.

School Center Skofja Loka

School Center Skofja Loka has improved its visibility in the education field. In addition, Office 365, a cost effective and secure cloud solution, offered a streamlined way to manage its PCs and provide better communication and collaboration among students and teachers. The school consolidated its address list with over 2,000 contacts.


Office 365 enabled EDUCATIVA, a provider of counseling and education services to students in Romania, to respond to more than 25,000 email requests for information. In addition, the institute provided educational counseling services to 3,200 students during the 2011–2012 academic year. Office 365 also assisted EDUCATIVA consultant to support 600 students with counseling services at a time — twice as many as before.

TEI Kalamata

Microsoft says Office 365 assisted the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Kalamata, a public higher-education institutions in Greece, to upgrade to a secured communication and collaboration platform. Office 365 enables the IT department to focus on two European Union-funded projects that aim to provide digital services.

Kozminski University

Office 365 has enabled the Kozminski University to provide students with more secured email accounts that stay with them after graduation, which helps maintain their connection with the university.

University of Maribor

It implemented Office 365 to increase communication and collaboration between its nearly 4,000 students and professors. In addition, Office 365 provides a consolidated solution that is cost-effective and has the potential to scale as the faculty continues to grow.

Vaikystes Sodas

Vaikystes Sodas, a kindergarten alternative in Lithuania, chose Office 365 to help streamline the management of its internal documents and the school’s intranet to generate strong communication between teachers and parents.

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