Microsoft in pact with ZNetLive to boost SMB biz in Rajasthan

Microsoft has tied up with ZNetLive to strengthen its focus on SMBs in Rajasthan.

They announced a plan for INR 199 per month to enables SMBs go online. The target is to get 20,000 SMBs in Rajasthan online by early 2016.

As per the Rs 199 package, Microsoft offers technology solutions including domain name, website and Office 365 email, in less than 45 seconds.

The partnership will enable all small and big businesses to host and publish their website in less than 45 seconds, and enhance their sales output by connecting with more customers digitally.

ZNetLive in pact with Microsoft for SMBs in Rajasthan
“Our association with Microsoft will help SMBs take their businesses online at an affordable price of INR 199 per month. Our offer will not just provide them with website solutions, but also make them more collaborative and productive,” said Munesh Jadoun, CEO of ZNetLive.

Rajasthan Four Wheel Drive, a local company in tours and travel business, adopted Office 365 to access the most advanced technologies for business, said Anil Sinha, director, Rajasthan Four Wheel Drive.

Saurabh Raut, director, Orchid Consultancy Services, said that Microsoft Office 365 has solved its business needs in an affordable, per-user model.

If more SMEs in India adopted the latest IT tools, there is potential for SME to grow their revenues by $56 billion and create 1.1 million new jobs, according to a recent BCG report.

“Technology has made the world a smaller place with businesses transacting and exchanging ideas globally, and our engagement with ZNetLive is aimed at achieving just that for the SMB community,” said Manohar Hotchandani, director, Business Development, Microsoft India.

Image Caption: (L-R)- Saurabh Raut, director, OCS Technology, Manohar Hotchandani, director – Business Development, Microsoft India, Munesh Jadoun, CEO, ZNetLive and Anil Sinha, director, Rajasthan Four Wheel Drive

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