Microsoft deploys Office 365 cloud solution at averda

Microsoft today said averda, an environmental solution provider in the Middle East and North Africa, deployed Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution.

The company opted for Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution because it offered better administrative control, more security, availability and scalability than on-premises solutions.

As the largest environmental solutions provider in the Middle East and North Africa, averda works with businesses and governments of all sizes to collect, recycle, compost, and dispose of waste.

Before moving to the cloud, averda stored its servers on-premises in one country. It wanted more flexibility to manage growth. Averda plans to present in 50 cities within 10 years. The company felt that its employees are currently spread across Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and a secured cloud solution can connect the seamlessly.

Anthony Kurban, CIO of averda

Anthony Kurban, CIO of averda, said in a blog post: “Office 365 provided us with the advantage of familiarity paired with the flexibility of the cloud, eliminating the time and money we would have spent on training and IT maintenance.”

Yammer, its social enterprise network, enabled the company to increase communication and knowledge-sharing.

“We began implementing Office 365 in August 2012 and moved all employees within two months. We were already using Outlook, Lync, and SharePoint on-premises, so Office 365 offered a user interface that our employees were comfortable with. With our email stored within Microsoft servers in the cloud, we no longer need to worry about disaster recovery,” Kurban said.

Thanks to Microsoft Office 365, averda employees are more productive. Its sales and operational staff can now access information when they are in the office, with clients or traveling on the road, said Microsoft.

The combination of Office 365 and Yammer enabled averda to ensure safe and reliable access to its emails, group sites, documents, files, etc.

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