Microsoft buys process mining technology leader Minit

Microsoft is set to acquire Minit, a leader in process mining technology.
Microsoft storesSlovakia-based Minit enables businesses to uncover opportunities for process improvement and better operational efficiency.

The acquisition will help its customers digitally transform and drive operational excellence by creating a complete picture of their business processes, enabling every process to be automatically analysed and improved, Microsoft said.

“Customers will be able to better understand their process data, uncover what operations look like in reality and drive process standardisation and improvement across the entire organisation to ensure compliance at every step,” said Justin Graham, Microsoft’s general manager of process insights.

Seamless operations and ensuring that every component of each business process runs smoothly is critical, but most leaders are not able to understand the actual performance of their processes and end up making decisions based on subjective information.

Minit enables businesses to transform the way they analyse, monitor and optimise their processes.

Microsoft recently acquired Softomotive, an RPA software provider, and with Minit, it is doubling down on a software category that could reach $11 billion by 2030, according to Polaris Market Research.

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