Micro Focus unveils Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

Micro Focus logo

Infotech Lead India: Micro Focus, a provider of enterprise application modernization, testing, and management solutions, has announced the availability of Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

The integrated solution supports the work of today’s developer as well as the next generation of application developers.

Developers responsible for maintaining and enhancing these systems can now access industry-leading development tools through the integration of Visual COBOL and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

Developers using Visual COBOL from within the leading industry-standard integrated development environment (IDE), Visual Studio 2012, can now re-use, enhance and re-purpose existing enterprise COBOL applications alongside other Microsoft languages and platforms, such as C#, Visual Basic and ASP.NET.

Micro Focus Visual COBOL for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 also increases developers’ capacity for delivering new software. Development teams, previously divided by technology disciplines, can unite and work more effectively together. Businesses running COBOL systems can now evolve and deploy them on new platforms such as .NET and the cloud.

“We’re honored to be working closely with Micro Focus to build on the benefits of Visual Studio 2012,” said Tom Lindeman, director of the Visual Studio Industry Partner Program at Microsoft. “Visual Studio 2012 improves the development process, helping teams of any size work more efficiently and collaboratively. By adding Visual COBOL, development teams have what they need to quickly build high-quality modern applications.”

Kevin Brearley, senior director of Product Management for Micro Focus, said, “Visual COBOL already delivers enterprise innovation for core business applications and this announcement marks a significant step forward in integrating Visual COBOL in the modern business context.”

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