Medis deploys Veeva CRM solution in 15 countries

Veeva Systems announced that Medis has switched to multichannel Veeva CRM solutions in 15 countries across Central and Eastern Europe to drive efficient and effective interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs).
Veeva CRM solutions“Veeva CRM gives our teams a flexible solution that adapts to the unique go to market strategies of every customer,” said Kristina Jeric, multichannel implementation lead at Medis. “Now, our field teams can get the customer insights they need to quickly drive targeted, relevant interactions with HCPs.”

Medis, a medical marketing company, needed a CRM solution to effectively execute their customers’ commercial and medical strategies with speed and compliance. Medis will use Veeva CRM to deliver compliant, tailored experiences to HCPs across all channels, including face-to-face, email, and web.

“Veeva CRM offers Medis’ field teams advanced mobility, multichannel capabilities, and real-time insights to drive engagement with the right customer in the right channel at the right time,” said David Logue, senior vice president of commercial strategy at Veeva.

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