mBank deploys HID Global ActivID DisplayCard Tokens

mBank has deployed HID Global ActivID DisplayCard Tokens that offer authentication solution to corporate banking customers.

The Polish bank, owned by Commerzbank, has benefitted from HID Global’s ActivID DisplayCard Tokens because its patented algorithm was interoperable with mBank’s back-end system.

Aleksander Gawroński, electronic banking director with mBank, said: “Thanks to HID Global, we are able to offer our corporate banking customers an improved, convenient and higher security multi-factor authentication method when accessing their accounts on the Internet and on their mobile phones.”

HID global

The ActivID DisplayCard Token has enabled mBank to offer customized, credit card style authentication solution to its corporate banking customers.

The token includes a touchpad for secure PIN entry that can fit in customers’ wallets, making it portable and allowing access to their Internet bank accounts. The ActivID DisplayCard also eliminates the need for special readers and is an all-in-one solution that delivers a cost-effective solution to mBank.

Based on its continued successful relationship with HID Global, mBank is looking to further collaborate with the company to extend its corporate banking offering to include new, advanced solutions for its retail banking customers.








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