Manthan Systems releases latest ARC platform for retail analytics and BI

Infotech Lead India: Manthan Systems has released its latest ARC platform for retail analytics and business intelligence (BI).

Main features of ARC 6.4 include collaborative analytics, new visualization techniques for reviewing performance, cloud-based collaboration with vendors, embedded workflows, and self-training through Manthan’s guided analytics.

Peter Charness, president of Manthan Systems, said: “Manthan’s ARC solutions are licensed on an enterprise basis to reduce cost and include an exceptional user interface. Manthan has always received high marks from our customers for both affordability and usability, but with ARC 6.4, we are again raising the bar with a number of new capabilities.”

ARC 6.4 emulates this lengthy and complex decision making process with analytical collaboration that enables a business group to work together. ARC’s new collaboration features allow organizations to work together to make fact-based decisions based on the most current and relevant business insights.

New capabilities such as Manthan’s Product Carousel allow retailers to review performance along any line by images. Moreover, ARC 6.4 also introduces the Leaderboard, a new capability for comparing performance.

ARC 6.4’s collaboration capability powers Manthan’s Vendor Link, enabling insight-driven collaboration between retailers and their suppliers through a cloud-based offering.

The cloud-based analytic infrastructure within Vendor Insights helps retailers monetize their data and drives new business efficiencies by giving suppliers visibility to store and item level data across products, categories and consumers.

In addition, ARC 6.4 extends the BI platform for customer analytics by embedding predictive analytics into customer marketing and loyalty analytics processes. Sophisticated retail mathematical models feed the ability to identify best-fit target segments and customer lists for personalized promotions, across a range of conventional and new media.

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