Mahindra Satyam in pact with Microsoft to launch MOVES to modernize Motor Vehicles Dept operations

Infotech Lead India: IT services provider Mahindra Satyam has launched the Motor Vehicle Enterprise Solution (MOVES) for modernizing Department of Motor Vehicles’ business operations.

The software platform MOVES enables financially constrained state and local governments to deliver a better DMV customer experience and reduce the risk of implementation.

Mahindra Satyam will demonstrate the MOVES solution at the AAMVA 2012 Annual International Conference in Charleston, NC, on 20-21 August.

MOVES is based on Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM.

“Government IT solutions need to provide responsive services to citizens while balancing the financial realities of state and local governments. We are pleased to have Mahindra Satyam maximize the inherent value of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, which will enable DMV agencies to enhance their service to licensed drivers and vehicle owners,” said Andy Pitman, director, Microsoft’s Public Sector Industry Solutions organization.

Mahindra Satyam said MOVES focuses on the DMV business rather than the technical complexities of implementation.

It enhances service delivery to citizens using multiple channels by leveraging the citizen-centric infrastructure of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Moreover, MOVES uses built-in features to get a 360-degree view of citizen relationships and a consolidated view of all business functions

While, it assists in establishing business processes upfront and execute them in the background easily and effectively, enterprises will benefit as it reduces training time by using a familiar user interface that looks and acts like Microsoft Office.

“In many states, the DMV was the first government agency to embrace citizen-facing, computerized functionality, and today jurisdictions often have a hard time  keeping up with higher transaction volumes, delays and longer lines at the DMV office,” said Arvind Malhotra, senior vice president, Strategic Accounts, Mahindra Satyam.

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