Mahindra Satyam Application Portfolio Alert System targets CIOs

Infotech Lead India: Mahindra Satyam has unveiled APAS (Application Portfolio Alert System), a Rapid Portfolio Analysis solution powered by CAST Highlight.

The new software solution is primarily aimed at helping enterprise CIOs and key decision makers with a timely alert system that would provide early warning into potential structural risks.

CIOs will also benefit as the new software solution offers specific code quality insight that will help in portfolio rationalization and application transformation decisions.

Mahindra Satyam APAS, based on CAST’s Highlight product, is a cloud-based solution for portfolio analysis available as a flexible subscription based service.

APAS enables enterprises CIOs and IT VPs to analyze portfolios within a couple of weeks without the overhead and hassles of a cumbersome and intrusive manual process.

Hari T, global head – Business Consulting, Mahindra Satyam, said: “The new solution addresses demands of of CIOs to gain ultra-quick insight into their application portfolios in a simple and secure manner without any disruption to their teams.”

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