LUX Resorts deploys Infor EzRMS revenue management software

Infor Hospitality SoftwareLUX Resorts & Hotels has implemented Infor EzRMS revenue management software, across eight properties, as part of the strategy to drive growth and maximize revenue.

Infor EzRMS revenue management software is expected to support the growth of LUX Resorts & Hotels and quickly deliver the information to maximize profitability. Infor EzRMS delivers more accurate forecasts and stronger real-time reporting to achieve more profit.

The revenue management application is set to support more than 1,400 rooms. Infor EzRMS will provide revenue strategy recommendations per room category and channel that are intended to optimize yield throughout the LUX property portfolio.

Infor EzRMS will deliver daily, weekly and monthly business insights to the senior management at LUX.  The ability to intelligently split the hotels’ budget into a series of daily targets will help drive better performance monitoring and enable proactive decision-making that focuses on the revenue secured by direct bookings, partners and agencies.

The transactional data insight within Infor EzRMS will drive improvements in contract evaluation between LUX and tour operators and travel agencies. The application will calculate incremental value in terms of room nights and revenues, upgrades and booking lead times by contract.

Infor said LUX will use insights to optimize the profitability of the resorts in the LUX portfolio by combating revenue displacement and improving visibility into sales and marketing activity with partners.

“We are looking to double our number of properties by 2020, which represents a huge leap forward for us,” said Tobi Kuhlang, head of Global Revenue Management, LUX Resorts & Hotels.

Wolfgang Emperger, vice president, Infor Hospitality, EMEA, said that it’s vital to track incremental spend by country and channel to not only maximize revenue but also ensure marketing is targeted to the right country, demographic and channel at the right time.

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