Lufthansa taps enterprise tag management provider Tealium

Infotech Lead Asia: German airline Lufthansa has selected enterprise tag management provider Tealium.

European brands including Nokia, Urban Outfitters, TUI and News International are also clients of Tealium for improving their digital marketing effectiveness.

“The proliferation of JavaScript tags in digital marketing has created a new set of problems for digital marketers. Tags are costly to manage, slow down marketing, and can negatively impact the speed at which your web pages load,” said Ali Behnam, President and Co-Founder at Tealium.

Lufthansa selected Tealium for its scalability, reliability and performance, as well as for its ease of use in helping marketers be more agile and efficient in deploying mission-critical third party online vendors.

Tealium’s tag management solution enables Lufthansa to manage all its tag-based digital marketing solutions, including web analytics reporting and dynamic site testing tools, through an intuitive user interface.

“Throughout the evaluation process, Tealium proved to be the best matching tag management solution for Lufthansa’s future e-commerce strategy,” said Marcus Casey, head of E-Commerce and Mobile Lufthansa.

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