Lake Health selected HP ArcSight to improve information security

Infotech Lead America: HP announced that Lake Health, a provider in community healthcare, has selected HP ArcSight platform to proactively improve information security and performance, while preventing disruptions that might impact patient services.

Lake Health selected security information and event management (SIEM) platform from HP ArcSight. The SIEM platform is based on the HP ArcSight Express and HP ArcSight Logger solutions.

Lake Health was facing challenges as its legacy infrastructure was limiting its ability to streamline compliance and address potential security threats that could affect both patient care and system performance.

HP ArcSight allows Lake Health to identify potential breaches, minimize system downtime and disrupt potential adversaries before damage can be done.  The solution has helped improve patient experience by automating threat detection and improving the company’s ability to identify risks.

HP ArcSight SIEM also integrates easily with Lake Health’s existing technology, maximizing the organization’s existing investments and minimizing the need for planned downtime during installation.

With the aggregation capabilities and simplified dashboard provided by HP ArcSight, Lake Health is now able to easily manage the technology with existing IT staff while providing the highest quality of data. This also has freed up resources and budget for use elsewhere at Lake Health, including adding more doctors and nurses to the hospital floor.

The HP ArcSight solution pulls security information from multiple sources across the organization and aggregates the data in a format that can easily be acted upon. With real-time visibility, Lake Health is able to respond more quickly to threats, ensuring that issues are resolved before a disruption to patient care or safety can occur.

Lake Health is also leveraging the HP ArcSight solution to boost security in other areas of the organization, including improving data availability and accuracy by aggregating information from disparate applications; delivering greater visibility into the accounts that are accessing electronic medical records (EMRs) across all applications; and accelerating the detection of insider threats by integrating monitoring capabilities with the organization’s badge system.

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