Keste to double its resources from 75 to 150 in India

Keste, an Oracle software solutions and development company, is planning to expand its Indian operations.

Keste will invest $2.5 million to expand existing facility.

The company will double its resources from 75 to 150 in the next 15 months in its India Development Centre, Hyderabad.

Telecom growth in India is contributing to Keste’s success in India.

“Indian telecom sector that offers huge ‘Mass Customization’ potential an area we have already made inroads serving one of India’s big telecom company with our customized order management system. We have similar success stories in Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia,” said Howard Moore, president and CEO of Keste.

Keste’s IDC in Hyderabad will play a key role in expanding sales and services business in Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia in the hi-tech, communications, manufacturing, life sciences and retail customized order process automation market.

“Mass customization offering market is yet to be fully exploited. For instance, most telecoms offer set packages along with the prepaid options and additional charges for use beyond the limit. Customer needs are widely varied today. A telecom that figures out how to profitably mass customize the offering so that there is better match between the give and the get, will find customers flocking to it. This offers a huge potential for companies like Keste which has the expertise to deliver solutions for large telecom players,” Howard added.

The India Centre of Excellence will serve both Keste customers and its partner Oracle.

“We are committed to grow the team in India and have been aggressively hiring top talents to meet our customer needs. Today we are happy to say we provide our staff with effective benefits and offer one of the highest pay in the industry,” said Mereddy, director, IDC.

Keste develops solutions help global companies automate complex business processes and open those processes to business partners, customers and employees through a great, modern user-interface. Their latest strategic investment in Oracle’s Exalogic Elastic Cloud technology platform and their laser-focus on their customers’ success continues to position cement Keste’s position as a thought leader.

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