JM Financial consolidates IT infrastructure on Dell servers with VMWare software

Infotech Lead Asia: Brokerage firm JM Financial Services has consolidated its IT infrastructure on Dell PowerEdge servers with VMWare virtualization software and Dell EqualLogic storage solutions.

The brokerage house replaced its legacy servers with Dell’s servers and reduced server footprint by almost 88 percent.

The infrastructure consolidation has enabled JM Financial, which is based in India, to eliminate system downtime and ensure the high availability of their trading systems to secure continued customer loyalty.

JM Financial Services can now respond to the needs of the business faster with the scalability offered by the Dell EqualLogic storage solution.

“We can easily provision capacity for a new project within 15 to 20 minutes, which could earlier take up to a month even before the equipment was ordered. Working with Dell has been a rewarding experience and we look forward to greater collaboration in the future,” Titus Gunaseelan, head, Information Technology, JM Financial Services.

JM Financial decided to consolidate the server infrastructure at the company’s data center to optimize server utilization and deliver redundancy, both of which were essential in maximizing uptime for mission-critical applications.

Their previous setup consisted of standalone legacy servers, and the challenge of maintaining multiple platforms was affecting efficiency. To achieve resource optimization, a reduced server footprint and high availability, they needed to consolidate their server infrastructure on a robust platform.

The brokerage firm also deployed a Dell EqualLogic PS6000XV storage area network (SAN) solution to provide maximum uptime for their critical applications. The SAN supports a clustered environment of servers at JMFS and provides a highly scalable storage capacity that can expand on demand, crucial to the company’s dynamic and rapidly changing business environment.

“Dell’s solutions have enabled JMFS to increase business responsiveness, eliminate system downtime, decrease energy consumption and reduce maintenance. Lack of legacy and ability to scale is our strong point,” Amit Luthra, national manager, Storage Solutions Marketing, Dell.

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