Jacksons Food Stores Chooses Blue Yonder to Enhance Category Management

Jacksons Food Stores (Jacksons), a renowned convenience food chain operating nationwide in the United States, has embarked on a digital transformation journey to modernize its space management capabilities.
Blue Yonder
To achieve this transformation, Jacksons has partnered with Blue Yonder, a leader in category management solutions. The project will be executed in collaboration with Plantensive, a trusted Blue Yonder partner.

Jacksons operates over 300 convenience food stores across seven Western states, featuring popular brands like Chevron, Shell, and Texaco. With an extensive offering of 5,000 SKUs per store, Jacksons sought to streamline and automate its category management processes, replacing manual procedures with cutting-edge technology from Blue Yonder.

The implementation of Blue Yonder’s category management Software as a Service (SaaS) solution will empower Jacksons to:

Implement a Modern Category Management Process: The solution will enable Jacksons to transition swiftly from strategy to execution with the help of advanced analytics capabilities.

Strategic Space Allocation: By leveraging data and analytics, Jacksons can strategically allocate space, enhancing the customer shopping experience by tailoring product assortments to individual store levels.

Localized Assortment: Each store will receive specific assortment and shelf placement recommendations, allowing for efficient operations with a localized product offering that caters to the unique needs of each community.

Cory Jackson, President of Jacksons, expressed the company’s commitment to meeting customer needs in a rapidly evolving landscape. He stated, “We are looking forward to implementing Blue Yonder’s category management solution alongside Plantensive. This solution will allow us to meet the needs of each of our stores, serving the unique needs of each of our communities.”

By embracing Blue Yonder’s category management solution, Jacksons aims to optimize store layouts, improve space productivity, and reduce out-of-stock situations, enhancing customer satisfaction. Leveraging the scalability and reliability of SaaS, Jacksons will stay at the forefront of technology innovations in the category management space.

Derek Cesarz, Managing Partner at Plantensive, commented, “This collaboration will enable Jacksons in enhancing customer service through strategic allocation and assortment.”

Vince Beacom, Senior Vice President of Retail at Blue Yonder, added, “With Blue Yonder’s category management solution, they can build and maintain store-specific planograms to drive more localized assortment and efficient execution, resulting in increased sales.”

The partnership between Jacksons, Blue Yonder, and Plantensive reflects a commitment to delivering enhanced customer experiences and operational excellence through advanced category management solutions.

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