iSpirt formed to develop software product industry in India

Infotech Lead Asia: Founders of Tally Solutions, InMobi, Nucleus Software, among others, have formed Indian Software Product Industry Round Table (iSpirt) to develop a software product industry.

The move will be a big blow to Nasscom as 30 Indian software product companies are part of iSpirt.

“A few good software services companies may be good enough to serve the top 500 hospitals in India. But if you want to address 500,000 or more hospitals around the country, you cannot do it without software products,” said Bharat Goenka, co-founder of Tally Solutions.

Bharat Goenka, co-founder of Tally Solutions

All founding members have strong customer bases in India or around the world. The objective now is to share expertise and experiences, and create a larger awareness in society and government about the critical role the industry can play, Times of India reported.

Bharat Goenka, co-founder of Tally Solutions; Sharad Sharma, former head of Yahoo India R&D, startup mentor and founder of Brand Sigma; Naveen Tewari, founder of InMobi; and Vishnu Dusad, founder of Nucleus Software will meet in Bangalore on Monday to formalize the association and develop action plans.

“You need education products to reach out to the mass of educational institutions. India today has extremely smart people who can develop such products. The market outside India is also huge. There are three-four billion people living in countries similar to India who can be serviced by Indian product companies,” said Naveen Tewari, founder of InMobi.

“Small developers are unable to see the big picture, think big. The association’s initial efforts would be directed towards creating the knowledge bank and environment required for these developers to explode. It will simultaneously work to create awareness about why the industry is important for the national agenda,” said Sharad Sharma, founder of Brand Sigma.

iSpirt will work with Nasscom and other IT industry associations.

iSpirt will not have a president or any such nomenclature. There will be a governing council consisting of Sharma, Goenka, Tewari and Dusad.

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