Intuit unveils business and financial management software for India’s small businesses

Infotech Lead India: Intuit has unveiled QuickBooks Online, a business and financial management software for small businesses in India.

QuickBooks assists small businesses to stay on top of their finances by providing insights for quick and informed decisions, anywhere and anytime from an internet connected computer or data plan enabled smart phone.

QuickBooks Online lets small businesses easily create localized invoices, pay bills and track expenses. The easy-to-use, cloud-based service needs no professional training and allows the small business owner to take data-driven business decisions on the move.

QuickBooks Online is designed to help small businesses take quick financial business decisions and is optimised for anytime, anywhere usage. Currently, QuickBooks Online has 1. 3 million users worldwide and is available in 150 countries.

“In today’s dynamic business environment, it is imperative for small business owners in India to focus on growing their business rather than accounting and bookkeeping. QuickBooks Online was developed to function like their true business manager, providing the right insights to take quick data-driven business decisions,” said Nikhil Arora, vice president and managing director of Intuit India.

“We want to be the end-to-end solutions provider for India’s small business ecosystem. In the next 10 years, we want one in four small businesses in India to use Intuit’s products. With some million broadband-connected small businesses, India offers huge growth potential for cloud-based services,” Arora added.

“QuickBooks Online has the best features we were looking for; we don’t have to worry about dealing with different currencies or look for data from multiple excel sheets,” said Abhijeet Singh Chauhan, managing director, “QuickBooks Online has become an integral part of our business processes. We are using it today as, to track orders, generate invoices record payments for preparing our taxes and as a customer relationship management tool.”

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