IntraStage software helps Motorola with test data management

Infotech Lead America: Motorola Solutions has chosen IntraStage software to provide automated Test Data Collection, database centralization and reporting/analysis for multiple R&D locations located in the USA.

Motorola Solutions has almost 22,000 employees globally with revenues of $5.7 billion. It is a world leader in providing mission-critical communications infrastructure, devices, software and services to both government and enterprise customers.

For the past 4 years, IntraStage software has been used to automatically collect test data from distributed Test Machines in the R&D Lab environment, centralizing them into a database to enable rapid analysis through web-based reporting engines. The Case Study explores how Motorola is using this software capability to deliver new products to market through improved processes around Rapid Prototyping.

The IntraStage solution is designed specifically to automate the retrieval, storage, reporting and visualization of product test data from manufacturing, R&D, supplier, field and repair environments. IntraStage can be delivered as a “plug and play” device with all software preconfigured to save time.

IntraStage software offers clients reduction of up to 90 percent of engineering time spent on retrieving, storing and reporting on production, supplier, repair or R&D product data. The software uses allow real-time and historical access to all product test data to visualize trends and increase the quality of engineering decisions. Data is mined in unique ways to finds trends and correlation not spotted previously.Such data is used to bring about improvement in product quality and a reduction in 5 – 10 percent of the warranty claims on electronic products.

Since 2004 IntraStage has established a strong customer base which includes such industry leaders as Panasonic and aerospace companies like Northrop Grumman, L3 Communications and Goodrich Aerospace.

Intraspace offers solutions for aerospace electronics, medical electronics, consumer electronics, wireless and electronic components.

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