Infosys partners with NovaSom to improve efficiency of analyzing results of home tests

Infotech Lead Asia: Infosys has partnered with NovaSom, a provider of home testing for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), to improve the efficiency of administering and analyzing results of home tests.

As part of the association, Infosys has designed a cloud-based user portal, Meditrack, on to enhance efficiency of NovaSom’s diagnostic solution suite. The portal’s interface speeds up the order-to-delivery of devices, processing of diagnostic data and management of insurance claims.

Meditrack provides Web interfaces with third-party applications to analyze patient data upon wireless receipt of the completed home sleep test.

A statement from Infosys said: “The portal, launched earlier this year, enables NovaSom to shorten the time from test completion to report generation by two days. This capability helps NovaSom’s sleep specialist customers deliver faster diagnoses to patients and speed their paths to treatment.”

“Patients with OSA are at an increased risk of other chronic diseases. The innovative solution that we developed for NovaSom is helping OSA patients receive faster and better medical care,” said Dheeshjith VG, senior vice president and Global Head, Life Sciences at Infosys.

The NovaSom diagnostic solution leverages AccuSom, a FDA-cleared wireless home sleep testing device. With more than 18 million moderate to severe cases of OSA in the United States, NovaSom’s home sleep testing solutions is delivering new benefits to patients, health insurers, and specialty and primary care physicians.

Richard Hassett, chief executive officer, NovaSom, said: “The customized MediTrack portal enables us to complete tests quickly and accurately. NovaSom’s cloud-based infrastructure allows us to partner with providers to improve access to care, reduce cost and address this undiagnosed epidemic.”

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