Infosys Finacle and Zand Bank Partner to Elevate Corporate Banking Services

Zand Bank, the UAE’s pioneering digital-only bank, has announced its decision to deploy the Infosys Finacle Solutions suite.
Infosys Finacle at IT trade showThe deployment of Infosys Finacle’s solutions on Microsoft Azure marks a significant milestone in Zand’s journey towards innovation and digital transformation. This collaboration sets the stage for Zand to revolutionize its corporate banking offerings and elevate its position in the competitive landscape of digital finance.

At a signing ceremony held at the bank’s headquarters in Dubai, UAE, key stakeholders from both organizations gathered to commemorate this landmark agreement. Among them were Sriranga Sampathkumar, Regional Head of Business – MEA, Infosys Finacle; Vicky Bhatia, Chief Financial Officer, Zand; Sanat Rao, Strategic Advisor, Infosys Finacle; Michael Chan, Chief Executive Officer, Zand; Adam Woolford, Chief Technology Officer, Zand; and Ganesh Premsankar, Business Head – MENAT, Infosys Finacle.

Highlighting the pivotal role of technology in shaping Zand’s future, key advancements facilitated by the Infosys Finacle Solutions suite include:

The adoption of Finacle Corporate Banking Solution Suite’s modular framework, equipped with a comprehensive array of Open APIs, poised to expedite the launch of innovative services. This move aligns with Zand’s commitment to continuous innovation and elevating customer satisfaction.

Embracing a cloud-native strategy facilitated by Finacle’s solution suite, enabling Zand to achieve exceptional performance, scalability, and operational efficiency enhancements.

Leveraging Infosys Finacle’s capabilities to process vast datasets and seamlessly integrate with advanced analytics platforms, empowering Zand to offer cutting-edge services tailored to its customers’ evolving needs.

Through this collaboration, Zand solidifies its position at the forefront of technological innovation in the banking sector. By integrating emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and digital asset management, Zand aims to gain a competitive edge and pioneer transformative solutions in the dynamic realm of digital finance. News Desk

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