Infor joins hands with AwarenessHub to deliver actionable social CRM marketing

Infor today said it will deliver new actionable social CRM marketing and monitoring capabilities – in association with AwarenessHub, a social marketing platform.

Since AwarenessHub’s social marketing platform centrally manages all social accounts, allowing users to listen and respond to customers in real-time, Infor users will have critical insight into where potential and existing customers are online, what interests them most, and the ability to better interact and engage them to drive revenue growth.

A combination of customer data from Infor CRM suite and social analytics data through AwarenessHub will benefit enterprises as they will have better visibility into where and what customers are saying, and advance revenue growth by building greater brand awareness to expand reach to new prospects and increase customer satisfaction.


Gregg Monastiero, chairman, AwarenessHub, said: “The ability to execute a successful actionable social marketing strategy, and properly track effectiveness against business metrics, requires centralization, consistency, and integration.”

Infor will provide Social Engagement tools to interact with individuals who are talking about topics relevant to a brand, Social Listening & Prospecting to identify new prospects outside of an established audience, Social Profile Collection & Dynamic Profile Updating, which create better picture of a brand’s existing audience and targeted prospects on the social web, and Social Scoring to build segmentation logic to meet the specific goals of a business.

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