Indian males – around 70% – are more connected with social media networks: GfK survey

Infotech Lead Asia: Indian males — around 70 percent — are more connected with social media networks, according to a GfK survey.

In the case of Australia, these Super Connected consumers are predominantly (59 percent) females.

In Asia Pacific, the largest groups of Super Connected consumers reside in South Korea (24 percent) and Taiwan (37 percent), where Internet infrastructure is well established and technology is deeply embedded in the lives of the population.

45 percent of these highly connected consumers in the region are over the age of 30, and over half (56 percent) have a university or higher level of education, while 54 percent belong to the medium-high or high income brackets. In addition, nearly half (48 percent) are women.

GfK polled over 37,500 consumers aged 15+ across 25 countries, including eight from Asia Pacific – Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, where respondents were surveyed on their attitudes, behaviors and values across a range of topics.

Jodie Roberts, APAC Regional Director for GfK Consumer Trends

“Super Connected consumers are not the mainly male, youthful ‘techies’ that we might have stereotyped them as in the past,” said Jodie Roberts, APAC Regional Director for GfK Consumer Trends. “Across the region, almost one in every two is a female, although there are certainly differences when we go by individual markets.

Over a quarter (28 percent) of the consumers polled post reviews of products and services they have engaged, while over two in five (44 percent) spend time reading reviews posted by others as an integral part of their decision-making process.

Moreover, Super Connected consumers are twice as likely to use instant messaging (IM) tools compared to the general population. In Taiwan, over three-quarters (76 percent) of consumers are into this group of active mobile phones users. Four in five of them send and receive photos frequently and well over half download and use mobile apps. They are over three times more likely to save money by using coupons, proving that they are indeed a savvy group.

They fully embrace technology and use these systems to network, form and expand relationships, as well as to consult and express opinions on purchases, topical events and political viewpoints.

Super Connected consumers impact businesses in a range of ways, aided by the burgeoning technology industry that enables these consumers to connect faster, more frequently and more powerfully than ever before – undoubtedly, they will be a formidable spender. In order for businesses to succeed, it is imperative to recognize this super connected connectivity and most importantly understand how to engage this growing and exciting group of consumers.

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