IBM Watson, Genesys to enable businesses to better serve consumers

IT vendor IBM Watson and Genesys have decided to develop a solution to enable businesses to better serve consumers in their self-service applications and contact centers.

The joint learning system, which is capable of transforming enterprises to engage with their customers across customer experience touchpoints and channels of communication, combines the Watson Engagement Advisor with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform.

The center of the learning system is the Watson enabled natural language solution that understands market and organizational data, and gets progressively smarter with use, outcomes, and new pieces of information.

The IBM Watson and Genesys solution will assist a brand’s customer service agents to provide data-driven answers. In one click, the solution’s “Ask Watson” feature can address customers’ questions, offer feedback to guide their purchase decisions, and troubleshoot their problems.

Genesys customers will gain the value of a Watson cloud-based advisor, while analyzing through millions of pages of data within seconds for customers and the contact center agents who serve them.

Genesys customers can tap into data to deliver more actionable and satisfying responses to customer inquiries in their self-service applications and contact centers.

For instance, if a customer reaches a point in conversation during a self-service interaction that could prompt either customer churn or a timely sales opportunity, Watson’s knowledge of pre-defined business guidelines allows the solution to signal when it is time to transfer the conversation to an agent. The customer is not arbitrarily transferred to just any agent among the potentially hundreds who work at a call center.

The solution pinpoints the exact agent to handle a customer’s inquiry, based on specific factors such as an agent’s experience, channel used, training and even license to discuss or sell a given product and then transfers the customer with the accompanying detail of the self-service interaction.

Moreover, employees in a contact center can gain access to a cloud-based Watson advisor that can read and uncover insights from millions of pages of data-driven content within seconds, from product guides to call transcripts.