IBM Think conference: presents quantum-safe technology

IBM announced a set of tools and capabilities to provide quantum-safe technology for organizations, including governmental agencies, to secure their key data.
IBM quantum-safe technologyThe company announced Quantum Safe Explorer to enable organizations to scan source and object code to locate cryptographic assets, dependencies, vulnerabilities and to build a Cryptography Bill of Materials (CBOM).

This allows teams to view and aggregate potential risks into one central location, said the tech giant said at IBM Think conference in Orlando, Florida.

IBM Quantum Safe Advisor allows the creation of a dynamic or operational view of cryptographic inventory to guide remediation, and analyzes cryptographic posture and compliance to prioritize risks.

IBM said Quantum Safe Remediator enables organizations to deploy and test best practice-based quantum-safe remediation patterns to understand the potential impacts on systems and assets as they prepare to deploy quantum-safe solutions.

IBM said it is also unveiling its IBM Quantum Safe Roadmap to help clients understand and support them through this security transition.

“As a leader in quantum computing, IBM recognizes the importance of comprehensively addressing the critical needs of our clients as they also consider transforming their cryptography for the quantum era,” said Ray Harishankar, IBM Fellow and IBM Quantum Safe Lead.

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