IBM reveals AOL deploys video transfer software from Aspera

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IBM announced that digital media company AOL has deployed high-speed transfer and automation software from Aspera.

IBM said Aspera software will be the backbone for AOL’s media management platform to deliver video transfers between bi-coastal production facilities and to and from their cloud-based media asset management system, to enable collaboration and content distribution between creative teams.

The IT company says AOL’s in-house video production through AOL Studios generates between 2 and 4 TB each day.

Digital video is expected to exceed 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2019. IBM is betting big on cloud video services as a major differentiator in a market that’s expected to exceed $100 billion in the next three years.

Aspera’s FASP transfer software enables AOL, a company owned by Verizon, to share and exchange large media files between its production facilities in New York and Los Angles. AOL deployed Aspera Connect and Faspex servers at the AOL Studio’s Los Angeles and New York production facilities.

AOL uses Aspera Shares On Demand to transfer video files and metadata, from each on-premises 1.5 PB data center SAN directly to the cloud.

“Software solutions we deployed offer some form of workflow automation and only Aspera Orchestrator has the power to integrate all the components into a single system while operating with the speed, efficiency, and reliability we need,” said Vitali Bystritski, post technology lead at AOL Studios.

AOL tapped digital asset management consulting group XPlatform Consulting to develop the solution supporting the strategic shift of their media management system to the cloud.

“AOL selected software from Aspera after witnessing the technology’s capabilities during the evaluation,” said Nicholas Stokes, founder at XPlatform Consulting.

“We’re excited to be a part of this integrated solution for content management and distribution with next generation technologies, combining on-premises and cloud, that will enable AOL to scale out and continue to grow their content generation and advertising business,” said Michelle Munson, CEO and co-founder of Aspera.

IBM also announced that Aspera is unveiling Aspera FASPStream, a turnkey application software line designed to enable live streaming of broadcast-quality video globally over commodity Internet networks with glitch-free playout and negligible start-up time.

Aspera will demonstrate the FASPStream solution with the transport of three live camera streams from South Africa, China and New York, USA to the Aspera booth for live decode and broadcast playout, as well as IP-based playout through local desktop media players.

IBM also announced that Comic-Con HQ, Canadian Broadcasting Corp, AOL and Broadway Video are tapping the company’s Cloud Video unit to do everything from launching new channels for millions of consumers to dramatically improving their video management and distribution.

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