IBM offers platform to build feature-rich apps

IBM Corporation

IBM announced an open, event-driven platform that allows developers build more feature-rich apps, quickly and easily, that automatically trigger responses to events.

Named as the IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk, the platform supports programming languages including Swift, Node.js.

Built-in chaining in the platform enables teams to individually develop small pieces of code or microservices and later quickly connect them together in a sequence.

Moreover, any custom code put in a Docker container can be run, eliminating vendor lock-in and providing more freedom and control for developers who need to exploit legacy code in their event handlers.

Use of Watson enables apps to be written that perform cognitive analysis and provide unique and transformative experiences.

With Bluemix OpenWhisk small teams can break down complex problems and work on smaller pieces of code simultaneously, quickly and simply.

IBM also announced the contribution of Bluemix OpenWhisk to open source to generate a powerful ecosystem of event providers and consumers and grow the platform. IBM has built-in support for popular Bluemix services like Watson and Weather. Developers will reap the benefits of a large open ecosystem who will grow and advance the platform.

“Between the openness of Bluemix OpenWhisk and its built-in cognitive capabilities, developers are provided a new way to create next-generation apps for this rapidly evolving multi-cloud and hybrid cloud world,” said Angel Diaz, Vice President, Cloud Architecture & Technology, IBM Cloud.

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