IBM offers $4 billion in financing for credit-qualified clients over 12 months

Infotech Lead America: IBM has offered $4 billion in financing for credit-qualified clients over a period of 12 months.

The funding is aimed at offering easy funds to IBM’s partner ecosystem and their clients to acquire advanced technologies such as cloud, analytics and PureSystems.

IBM also launched a new mobile app to assist IBM’s Business Partners to apply and secure financing for their clients within minutes via any mobile device.

The mobile app will be available in the United States this month and will be rolled out globally beginning in China in January 2013.

The app has an easy-to-use interface and is designed for contracts worth up to $500K, all while the IBM Business Partner seller is on the go. This mobile app is based on IBM Global Financing’s simple Rapid Online Financing tool, designed for non-financing experts, where available, to generate fast approvals for credit applications with a simple click of the mouse.

The $4 billion in financing for IBM’s global ecosystem is designed to eliminate many of the cost barriers. IBM Global Financing will offer simple, flexible lease and loan packages, some starting at as low as 0 percent for 12 months with no money down, allowing these businesses to acquire the technology and services they need from IBM and those developed by IBM Business Partners, while managing their cash flow more effectively.

In 2011, IBM announced $1 billion in financing for small and midsize businesses. The $1 billion financing resulted in 6,800 global companies using financing in 12 months versus an expected 18 months. Smaller businesses, in particular, exhibited stronger appetite for new technology, including analytics, cloud and advanced infrastructure.

This financing will be made available through IBM Business Partners including managed service providers, resellers, ISVs, SIs and distributors, from more than 50 countries. In addition, IBM Global Financing can help credit-qualified Business Partners run and expand their business by providing working capital for IT purchases and improve their cash flow by providing financing for accounts receivables.

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