IBM i2 COPLINK launched on Cloud for law enforcement agencies

IBM today said law enforcement agencies can use IBM i2 COPLINK on Cloud to access data 24/7 via desktop, in-vehicle mobile data computer or smart mobile device.

The enterprise IT company said IBM i2 COPLINK on Cloud has more than a billion documents. IBM said law enforcement agencies can apply analytics to data to help officials piece together seemingly unrelated information and generate investigative case leads.

For almost 20 years, IBM i2 COPLINK has transformed information sharing across more than 6,000 law enforcement agencies in North America. Through the use of analytics and searches, even partial information such as a portion of a license plate, tattoo or nickname can be processed and used to help accelerate investigations.
Cybersecurity issues
Geospatial mapping features can quickly create maps highlighting types of incidents such as arson, burglaries or prowling by specific dates or times of day, and location, said IBM.

“Placing law enforcement technology on the cloud changes the game for the industry because agencies of any size can access shareable documents across state borders,” said Major Dermot Quinn, major at Massachusetts State Police.

The cloud-based model also enables law enforcement agencies hit by shrinking budgets and rising expenses to avoid a high up-front capital expenditure as they seek to use 21st-century crime-fighting solutions.

IBM i2 COPLINK on Cloud, hosted at Nlets –the International Justice and Public Safety Network – makes it possible for law enforcement agencies to affordably access and draw insights through advanced analytics from law enforcement data as a service in a security-rich and CJIS compliant environment.

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