IBM firm Aspera to supply Application Platform On Demand to Databiology

IBM company Aspera will supply its Application Platform On Demand to Databiology, a global life sciences software and services company based in Oxford and San Francisco, to accelerate scientific research projects by moving large data sets.

Aspera Application Platform On Demand will enable Databiology to transfer data sets, which will have several hundred gigabytes in size, to and from its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform – Databiology for Enterprise (DBE). The main objective is to reduce dependence on slow and costly physical shipments of hard drives.

Databiology’s DBE platform helps manage life science projects in fields such as genomics, proteomics or other biology and molecular research. The platform supports the full lifecycle of research projects from data acquisition and curation through analysis, retrieval and integration.

DBE also supports a wide array of workload and infrastructure requirements to provide maximum flexibility and control over all research information and activities.

IBM said Aspera enables researchers to enjoy more efficient workflows between both internal user groups and third party research partners. The technology also features built-in security capabilities such as encryption in transit and at rest to protect valuable assets throughout the transfer process.

As per the deal, Databiology will leverage its cloud-based information management platform and Aspera’s cloud-based secure transfer technology for managing the entire life sciences information lifecycle across teams, business units and geographies.

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