IBM to acquire application discovery firm EZ Legacy

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Enterprise IT vendor IBM announced plans to acquire EZ Legacy, an application discovery company, to assist developers to change mainframe code based on data displayed on a dashboard and other visualizations.

The Israel-based EZSource provides a visual dashboard to show developers which applications have changed to ease the process of modernizing applications, exposing APIs and leveraging development resources.

80 percent of enterprises are expected to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy by next year. IT departments are looking for new ways to reconcile the applications that reside on enterprise systems of record to digital forms of engagement such as mobile and social. 68 percent of the world’s production IT workloads run on the mainframe – adding up to roughly 30 billion business transactions processed by the system each day.

EZSource:Dashboard visualizes changes to mainframe application code to help developers more easily modify applications, expose APIs and more efficiently leverage development resources. IBM plans to acquire EZSource to make it easier for developers to modernize mainframe applications in the era of digital business and hybrid cloud.

The acquisition of EZSource will help clients find new ways to modernize and update applications on the system that is the backbone of the global economy. IBM’s strengths in digital transformation, APIs, hybrid cloud and enterprise DevOps are complemented by EZSource’s offerings that discover and analyze application components and interdependencies to accelerate planning and transformation with reduced disruption.

Ross A Mauri, general manager, IBM z Systems, said: “By adding EZSource’s technology to our enterprise DevOps and API management offerings, we are making it easier and faster for developers to modernize key applications that previously were manually intensive and many times required specialized skills.”

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