Red Hat OpenStack platform powers IAG to simplify IT infrastructure

Red Hat for business technologyInsurance Australia Group (IAG) is using Red Hat OpenStack Platform to consolidate and simplify its legacy infrastructure.

Red Hat, a partner of IAG for seven years, will assist IAG to use open source to bring disparate data sources into a single, private cloud solution to improve customer experience.

IAG used more than 400 servers housed in 23 data warehouses across nine core technologies and on three platforms to power operations. IAG faced difficulties in managing operations due to delays in bringing new services online to complex, manual processes.

IAG decided to overhaul its infrastructure, moving from a complex legacy system to a more flexible cloud-based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to simplify and streamline its disparate data sources and improve overall operations.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform delivers a single view of customer operations on a reliable private cloud platform, built on the enterprise-grade backbone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The platform is designed to provide agility to better scale and more quickly meet customer demand without compromising availability, performance or IT security requirements.

The automation capabilities through Red Hat Ansible better optimizes application migration, improving current processes across IAG’s organization. Working with Red Hat Consulting through the initial deployment process provided IAG with hands-on expert support and training during the migration, and also delivered ongoing support for IAG’s new Red Hat-based cloud infrastructure as needed.

OpenStack Platform has emerged as the open source cloud platform of choice for a growing number of global organizations. By co-engineering with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, organizations can deploy OpenStack on a tested, reliable, and more secure foundation, backed by Red Hat’s award-winning enterprise support.

A year later, IAG’s scalable, simplified cloud infrastructure stack based on Red Hat’s technologies has enabled IAG to experience reduced deployment time of new services from quarters to days and has enabled the company to connect data sources for greater visibility into customers’ needs.

“By adopting Red Hat OpenStack Platform to serve as flexible foundation for its infrastructure, IAG has set itself on the path towards digital transformation by using innovative, open, and enterprise-ready technology to help bring new services to its customer base,” said Radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager, OpenStack, Red Hat.

“With all the demands of a highly regulated industry and a highly competitive market, IAG is glad to have partners like Red Hat that can help evolve our approach. This platform has been a game changer in Data but also in the thinking across IAG. The Open Source culture has really taken hold,” said Eddie Satterly, leader, Data Engineering & DataOps, IAG.

Red Hat announced Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12, the latest version of Red Hat’s cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 introduces containerized services, improving flexibility while decreasing complexity for application development.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 delivers many new enhancements, including upgraded DCI (distributed continuous integration) and improved security to help maintain data compliance and manage risk.

Customers rely on Red Hat OpenStack Platform to power their hybrid and private clouds include BBVA; Cambridge University; FICO; Massachusetts Open Cloud; Turkcell; IAG; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Paddy Power Betfair; Produban; UKCloud; and Verizon.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform partners include Cisco, Dell EMC, Intel, Lenovo, Rackspace, and NetApp for enterprise businesses, as well as Ericsson, Nokia, NEC, Huawei, Cisco and others from the telecommunications industry.

Meanwhile, service providers with OpenStack private cloud revenue will exceed revenue from service providers with OpenStack-based public cloud implementations in 2018, according to 451 Research.

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