HP’s AutoFlow aims at BPOs to automate core business processes

Infotech Lead America:HP Enterprise Services’ AutoFlow is aimed at BPO clients to automate core business processes, including finance and accounting.HP AutoFlow integrates with any ERP platform and is designed to provide a scalable, unified solution that automates and streamlines finance and accounting processes.

The new BPO solution from HP helps in reducing the need for manual intervention and shift resources to more strategic projects by increasing automation through improved integration with ERPs and legacy systems.

While it supports enablement of e-invoicing to achieve better invoice accuracy and improve on-time payment performance, driving process transformation via process-modeling capabilities is yet another main feature.

Danila Meirlaen, vice president, Business Process Outsourcing, HP Enterprise Services, says HP AutoFlow builds on its expertise in finance, administration and technology to increase process automation and optimize cost structures.

Besides finance and administration, HP AutoFlow can be used in other business processes such as human resources, procurement, supply chain, master data management, dispute management and financial services.

HP’s BPO solution is important to manage growth of the sector.

Gartner says the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) BPO market is forecast to reach $9.5 billion in 2016 from $5.9 billion in 2011. In 2012, BPO in Asia/Pacific will reach $6.45 billion in size.

“The Asia/Pacific BPO market is still relatively underdeveloped and underexploited (with the exception of Australia and New Zealand) when compared with other markets or regions. This presents opportunities to BPO service providers that are willing to invest in the region,” said TJ Singh, research director at Gartner.

The largest BPO market in Asia/Pacific in 2011 was Australia, with a market size of more than $4.63 billion, over 3.5 times larger than India ($1.26 billion), the second-largest consumer of BPO services. The fastest-growing BPO markets within Asia/Pacific will continue to be led by China and India.

HP AutoFlow combines HP’s BPO experience with the Omniflow workflow solution from business process management and enterprise content management provider Newgen Software Technologies.


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