HP to transform Mondelez International’s SAP applications to improve biz processes

HP has signed a five year agreement with Mondelēz International to transform its support environment for SAP solutions based operations and improve business process.

Under the multi-million dollar agreement terms, HP will complement the infrastructure services it already provides Mondelēz International with applications services for SAP solutions to transform the computing environment to be more business-outcome focused.

In a statement HP said Mondelēz International will also use HP-implemented “Run SAP Like a Factory” tools and processes to effectively monitor operations. The transformation of the SAP solution-based environment will enable better decisions and business outcomes, including increased productivity.

“This agreement represents a strategic step to leverage our investment in SAP solutions, improve operations quality and lower costs,” said Mark Dajani, chief information officer, Mondelēz International.

HP will use its Industrialized Delivery Model for delivery of SAP applications to consistently manage Mondelēz International’s infrastructure as well as its applications development and maintenance functions.

HP has been providing strategic infrastructure hosting services for SAP solutions at Mondelēz International since 2006 and will continue to provide these services from HP data centers in Germany, the United States and from application delivery centers across the globe.

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