HP supplies 3PAR StoreServ Storage to National Stock Exchange, U.S.

Infotech Lead America: HP has supplied 3PAR StoreServ Storage to the National Stock Exchange (NSX).

The first all-electronic stock exchange in the United States is expected to lower storage operating costs and reduce database query and regulatory reporting time.

The American stock exchange tapped HP as it observed rising maintenance costs while dealing with time-consuming operational tasks due to its legacy infrastructure.

HP’s 3PAR StoreServ Storage and NSX’s HP ProLiant server infrastructure enabled the exchange to improve daily report processing by 50 percent, resulting in an increase of staff productivity.

HP says NSX completes complex database queries five times faster than with its legacy system. As a result, executives gain real-time operational insight into the market performance while ensuring proper regulatory surveillance over all trading activities.

“Reducing administration costs and time spent on operational tasks requires an easy-to-manage storage system with performance throughput that outmatches the intensive data requirements of a stock exchange,” said Bruce Kulback, CIO, National Stock Exchange.

HP Converged Storage lowered NSX’s data center costs and boosted application performance, which enabled the stock exhange to reduce time spent on reporting and instead focus resources on improving our trading services.

Utilizing the HP solution, the stock exchange minimized data center energy and infrastructure costs by shrinking storage footprint 33 percent.

In addition, the exchange boosted business productivity with active data volumes on each controller, which increases performance throughput to 8 gigabytes per second, double the rate of NSX’s previous storage system.

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