HP India introduces new offerings to take control of enterprises’ IT processes and services

Infotech Lead India: HP has added new capabilities to HP Configuration Management System (CMS) 10.

The new capabilities will enable enterprises in India to improve visibility into the relationship between software and physical, virtual and cloud IT infrastructure, reduce complexity and take control of their IT processes and services.

The new HP Configuration Management System (CMS) 10 includes new HP Universal Discovery software, which offers automated discovery capabilities to support the deployment and management of physical, virtual and cloud projects.

HP said its automated discovery capabilities enable clients to reduce costs and risks associated with service disruptions, as well as decrease the time spent on manual discovery by more than 50 percent.  HP CMS clients have recently seen an increase in speed of projects completed.

HP Discovery software offerings are currently being used by 40 percent of the Fortune 50, as well as six out of the seven largest global automotive manufacturers, and four out of the five largest global telecommunication service providers.

“Clients have trusted Equifax for more than a century to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions—and our IT organization is expected to deliver the same,” said W. Scott Hite, director, Technology, Global IT Asset Management, Equifax.

With the growing adoption of cloud computing, organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver new services and scale existing ones. The complexities of cloud-based infrastructures, coupled with a lack of infrastructure visibility, have hampered organizations’ ability to efficiently and predictably manage IT performance.

“Service disruptions within complex cloud and virtualized environments are difficult to identify and resolve. With the new enhancements to HP Configuration Management System, IT executives now have the configuration intelligence they need at their fingertips to make rapid decisions to ensure consistent business service availability,” said Amit Chatterjee, country director, HP Software India.

HP CMS 10 is a key component of the HP IT Performance Suite, the enterprise performance software platform that enables IT management to improve performance with operational intelligence.

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