HP expands multichannel customer communication management

HP has expanded its multichannel customer communication management (CCM) portfolio, designed to improve customer experience, engagement and profitability.

The new HP Exstream release includes HP Exstream Design & Production 9.0 and HP Exstream Empower Editor. Both products are now available.

With these products, HP focuses on delivering improved design and interaction capabilities, and enabling organizations to shift control of customer communications to instrumental business and marketing users.

As transactional CCM evolves from paper and electronic media to mobile and social channels, consistent and optimized customer experiences are required both online and offline. Because of the new shift, customers now expect companies to interact with them in a more meaningful way.

One of the solutions, HP Exstream 9.0, featuring HP Exstream Design & Production, makes customer communications a key competitive differentiator, helping organizations retain existing customers, attract new customers and facilitate profitable customer interactions.

The second product, HP Exstream Empower Editor, is a new zero-footprint interface that allows HP Exstream users to facilitate interactions between consumers and remote and mobile front-office workers.

Richard Marr, regional director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Exstream, HP, said, “HP is providing businesses with the tools necessary to create a personalized customer experience, across multiple communications channels, to enhance relationships and deliver better business outcomes.”

With multichannel support and responsive design capabilities, HP Exstream portfolio enables companies to develop communications for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The company has also announced enhancements to user interface, offering a consistent style and appearance across core products like Designer, Design Manager and LiveEditor.

Additionally, the enhanced document creation capabilities enable the production of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level AA compliant PDF-based communications for consumers who are visually impaired.

HP Exstream Empower Editor now features thin client solution that reduces costs by cutting down the need for IT deployment and maintenance. The solution is also enhanced with fresh, intuitive interface that provides users with the capability to personalize communications while maintaining consistent branding and meeting compliance requirements.

With these solutions, organizations are better positioned to address dynamic electronic communication requirements and deliver on their mobile device communication strategies, HP said.

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