HP Autonomy self-service testing assists digital marketers to improve revenue

HP Autonomy today said its HP Optimost VisualTest self-service A/B/n testing allows digital marketers to identify important content based on market and customer segments to improve conversions and revenue.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering includes an intuitive visual-editing application that lets marketers choose any web page and open it in the design tool to easily create and run tests, said HP in a statement.

The enterprise IT vendor said the dashboard for HP Optimost VisualTest features analytics that leverage data from marketing systems and channels, and powerful segmentation and behavioral analytics to identify hidden patterns and emerging trends in customer behavior.

Cars.com is one of the customers of HP Optimost VisualTest.


Vince King, senior director, Product, Cars.com, said: “The WYSIWYG interface lets us see the visual effect of proposed changes as we make them without having to rely on IT. We can run more tests with less drag and less impact on internal resources, allowing us to increase conversions and revenue without the usual bottlenecks.”

Most online testing tools compare click counts from page A to page B, and lack any connection to further intelligence, including information from marketing systems and important demographic, behavioral data. They also don’t support marketers who are looking to optimize experiences across web, mobile, email and other digital channels, said HP.

By combining ease of use and speed with deep, multichannel analytics, HP Optimost VisualTest gives marketers what they need to drive out-sized business results. The solution’s integration with the HP Digital Marketing Hub lets marketers analyze information to uncover multichannel insights and view all their data in one shareable and easy-to-use interface.

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