HP Autonomy improves online customer experience of All Nippon Airways

Infotech Lead America: All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest airline, has enhanced online customer experience and increased revenue after deploying HP Autonomy’s Optimost.

ANA has utilized HP Autonomy’s Optimost, a multivariate testing platform, and generated 30 percent benchmark uplift in click-thrus to purchases of domestic air tickets in one month, leading to a subsequent uplift in annual revenue.

Enterprises such as ANA will benefit by deploying Autonomy TeamSite as its Web Content Management platform, enabling its marketers to deliver an engaging and better online experience.

ANA had previously tried to improve its online customer experience through trial and error based on ad hoc data analysis.

Autonomy Optimost allows marketers to run multivariate andA/B tests on HP Autonomy’s eCommerce sites, testing multiple combinations of content, design, layout, pricing and offers with real customers to identify the combinations that generate the best results.

Yoshinobu Maeda, senior manager, Marketing Communication, All Nippon Airways, said: “Autonomy Optimost helped us successfully adapt our websites to suit the demands of our customers, without any negative performance impact on our systems or page-load times. This has resulted in a better experience for our customers and helped us to increase our online revenue.”

In future, ANA plans to introduce context-based personalization to its website, to match different customer behavior profiles.

Rafiq Mohammadi, general manager, Promote, HP Autonomy, said: We offer technology which allows businesses to take the guesswork out of their marketing. This takes the burden off the marketing and web teams, and allows companies to provide the best possible online experience for their customers.”

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