HP assists Ballarat Grammar school to block network security threats

Infotech Lead Asia: Ballarat Grammar, Australia, has selected HP Sentinel Security software-defined network (SDN) application to block network security threats and enhance learning opportunities for students.

Ballarat Grammar, which supports 1,400 students and 200 faculty members with bring your own devices (BYOD), faces security issues like botnets, spyware and malware that created vulnerability to the school and impacted student productivity.

“Our students have full access to their school-provisioned laptops that they also take home, and boarding students bring their own devices onto campus, too, which hinders comprehensive management and effective implementation of security protocols,” said Gregory Bell, head, Technical Services, Ballarat Grammar.

HP’s Sentinel Security application enables the Australian school to benefit from better visibility into malware and infections, which is much more effective than antivirus software alone.

HP has deployed 3800 Switch Series systems throughout its five boarding houses and 95 classrooms. As a result, HP Sentinel Security enables Ballarat Grammar to locate and flag infected devices while connected to the campus wireless or wired networks.

In addition, the HP Sentinel Security application enabled the school to improve student productivity by protecting access to social media networks in a specific classroom, during class hours only.

HP Sentinel Security — running on the HP Virtual Application Networks SDN controller — enables automated, real-time security across the network switches, routers and access points, while reducing the need for IT to deploy and manage multiple devices.


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