How Sonos used Salesforce to transform its digital shopping

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, has revealed how Sonos, a leading sound experience company, is using Salesforce to transform its digital shopping capabilities.
Sonos and technology deploymentClara Shih, CEO of Service Cloud, Salesforce, said: “Sonos is making data-driven customer service a priority by providing their service agents with the context and insights to deliver the best experience from anywhere.”

Many Sonos retail partners closed their doors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sonos noticed a surge in demand for its multi-room wireless home audio systems.

Sonos went digital quickly using the Salesforce platform — growing its direct-to-consumer business by 84 percent year-over-year while giving agents the tools they needed to deliver the same incredible service that customers experienced in store from anywhere.

As a part of the company’s shift to selling direct-to-consumer, Sonos saw a 24 percent increase in the volume of customer service inquiries in July 2020, which it was able to easily manage using Service Cloud’s automated chatbots.

Other service tools like automated call routing and the AI-powered ‘Next Best Actions’ recommendation engine have reduced average customer service call times by 10 percent. Finally, Service Cloud has helped increase employee productivity, with agents able to resolve inquiries faster and reduce onboarding time.

Sonos using Salesforce Commerce Cloud built a connected direct-to-consumer e-commerce website so that customers can buy its best-in-class sound experience products. This e-commerce website has also helped Sonos keep up with the significant increase in demand that it experienced during the pandemic, and easily adapt to any disruptions in the fulfillment process.

Sonos used technology from Marketing Cloud to connect with customers through email, mobile, or social channels. These tools help Sonos to deliver smarter, more engaging communications by delivering personalized messaging and promotions at the right time — yielding better customer experiences and delivering significant revenue growth.

“Salesforce’s technology enabled us to both be successful having all of our employees working at home and shift our business to direct-to-consumer, which allowed us to scale and support all of our customers as we hit a period of tremendous growth,” said Patrick Spence, CEO, Sonos.

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