How Schweitzer benefited from Ariba Network

Schweitzer FachInformationen, a knowledge resource management provider, has enabled its web catalog on the Ariba Network, a SAP company.

First, Schweitzer launched an eCommerce site on the Ariba Network. The company created a punch-out catalog through which its customers could effectively manage the complex flow of knowledge and content within their organizations.

“We were able to quickly and easily get the infrastructure we needed in place and essentially built a one-click to connect to the customer system,” said Alexander Graff, head of corporate business at Schweitzer.

Later the company implemented an automated process to manage everything from orders through invoice. Following this, the eProcurement capabilities of Schweitzer became a unique selling point and a lever to streamline business processes on both ends.

Currently, Schweitzer is selling more than half on eProcurement. Ariba Discovery, a service delivered on the Ariba Network, automatically matches buyer requirements with seller capabilities.

“The drivers of digital economy are global buying organizations that are eager to make business commerce more collaborative by connecting with their trading partners electronically,” said Alex Atzberger, president of Ariba.

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