How SAP is aiding Cisco, Siemens and VMware to achieve more sales

SAP HANA business customersBusiness software major SAP announced that Cisco Systems, Siemens and VMware have achieved more sales, productivity or significantly faster customer implementation by using SAP HANA.

SAP HANA, a data and application development platform, has helped Cisco, Siemens and VMware to transition to the digital enterprise using business-critical applications.

SAP HANA combines automated reporting with transactional and advanced analytical processing, while simplifying IT landscapes for centralized, real-time business operations. SAP has more than 18,000 SAP HANA customers.


Cisco has integrated the in-database machine learning and predictive analytics model development capabilities of SAP HANA with its own sales pipeline management tools to transform its global sales process.

The combined solution uses predictive analytics models for in-depth account analysis to identify the most successful sales techniques, sales opportunities and appropriate product recommendations for customers.

“We are using the power of SAP HANA to go well beyond basic sales account diagnostics or history,” said Ted Tsortos, Cisco’s director of Worldwide Sales Strategy and Planning.

Cisco’s salespeople use real-time data to optimize their sales pipelines at the start of each sales cycle.


Siemens has an IT landscape comprised of 53 SAP ERP systems from multiple divisions and regions. It deployed SAP HANA to move all 53 systems to create an unified ERP platform to improve company-wide operations and support digital innovation.

Siemens immediately achieved significant return on investment and productivity gains for more than 160,000 SAP users after the migration on SAP HANA.

Siemens achieved productivity gains in its critical business functions, including order processing, production planning, project management and overall customer service.

“A stock overview report that used to take one hour is done in one minute, and stock calculations that used to take 90 minutes are down to three minutes. This is all due to the powerful in-memory data management capabilities of SAP HANA,” said Andreas de la Camp, head of Line Europe for Siemens Center of Expertise SAP ERP for Divisions.


VMware uses SAP HANA to simplify IT infrastructure and to centralize seven legacy data warehouses and 15 terabytes of data into one 6 terabyte database.

VMware business users can easily implement highly scalable, virtual data solutions with SAP HANA smart data integration and SAP HANA smart data access for data integration and query federation.

VMware has improved customer service by slashing data provisioning time from one day to 15 minutes.

VMware is provisioning thousands of new IT environments for our customers per year  by combining its solutions with SAP HANA.

“With transaction and analytical processing on one platform, we can centrally monitor and manage the health of our infrastructure in real time, which slashes time to insight for decision-makers,” said Lalit Sudan, VMware’s director of the Enterprise Architecture Group.