How Salesforce assists Casey’s in increasing in revenue

Casey’s General Stores Inc has achieved increase in revenue and engagement with its customer base with the help of Salesforce technology.
Salesforce technology for retailSalesforce, the global leader in CRM, said it has assisted Casey’s in sending over 1 billion marketing messages to their more than 5.5 million Rewards loyalty members this year.

“Before Salesforce, we had multiple fragmented marketing systems that did not talk to one another, and had no commonality. When we selected Salesforce, we had the ability to easily organize and unify all of our customer data to communicate in a consistent way, leading to an increase in customer loyalty and less work for our marketers,” said Art Sebastian, Vice President of Digital Experience, Casey’s.

Casey’s is the third-largest convenience store retailer and the fifth-largest pizza chain in the United States. Headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa, Casey’s General Stores operates more than 2,400 convenience stores in 16 Midwestern states.

With over 13 million customer profiles in the Genie Customer Data Cloud, 150 profile attributes, and 6 billion engagements captured, 30 percent of Casey’s digital revenue is driven by marketing channels activated through Salesforce.

Casey’s used the experience and innovations from Salesforce consulting partner Deloitte Digital to implement the Genie Customer Data Cloud for its specific business needs, which led to faster and better results.

Since beginning their work with Salesforce, Casey’s has built a new ecommerce website, launched mobile apps, a loyalty program, and partnered with third-party delivery companies with Salesforce as the capability to market directly to all customers engaging through these experiences. Casey’s is now sending 200 million personalized messages a month to their subscriber base, specifically tailored to each customer’s purchasing history.

Salesforce has enabled Casey’s to re-engage lapsed buyers, influence loyalty program members to make purchases, and incentivize frequent buyers to make additional purchases. Casey’s leverages multiple Salesforce products, including: Genie Customer Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, MuleSoft, and Service Cloud.

“Casey’s is an innovative brand who has been able to use real-time data to become a customer company. Using Salesforce, Casey’s has been able to consolidate marketing tech tools onto a single platform, while unifying data from within Salesforce and elsewhere,” said Bobby Jania, SVP, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce.